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Rowen Stillwater

UnSponge Squeeze Sponge - 2 pack - Black Floral - Rowen Stillwater

$13.50 USD

The UnSponge Squeeze sponge is 100% plant based, compostable and handmade.

It's made with a cotton print top, brushed cotton base and a specially formulated cellulose core.  This unique combination makes the sponge wonderfully flexible, easy foaming and quick drying.

The eco-friendly cellulose core is made from a blend of wood pulp, cotton and flax and is completely biodegradable.

With regular dish soap and cleaners the average life is 4 months.  With bleaches and heavy chemicals up to 3 months. 

Package of 2 sponges.  Each sponge is approximately 4.7in x 2.7in  // 12cm x 7cm 



  • 100% plant based
  • Vegan 
  • Compostable
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Manufacturing of cellulose is very conservative, producing no harmful by-products and, importantly, very little waste.
  • Any pieces of sponge that are cut off or damaged in the trimming process are ground up and added back into the fibre mixer so nothing is thrown away.



  • To keep your sponge fresh and ready for use always wring it out after use. It can hold up to 10X it's own weight in water so it needs a good squeeze!



cotton and plant based cellulose