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All of my suppliers are small, independent brands that I've sought out because their products and businesses share my goal of working towards a greener, more sustainable future. 

Check out their websites to learn more about them and why they so passionately stand behind their products.

Each one has inspired and motivated me as I’ve created totally plastic free.


Albatross (USA)

> butterfly XL razor blade, natural shaving soaps

IG @albatross_sailing


Basic Bars Soap (USA)

> organic, vegan soaps

IG @basicbarssoap



> deodorant crystal

IG @biork_zero_plastic


Dragonfly Dryer Balls (USA)

> vegan bamboo charcoal dryer balls

IG @dragonflydryerballs


EcoEnclose (USA)

> ecofriendly shipping supplies

IG @ecoenclose


Ecomended (USA)

> coconut scrub brushes, dental floss

IG @ecomendedshop


EcoRoots (USA)

> organic cotton reusable product bags, sisal soap saver bags

IG @ecoroots


Georganics (UK)

> toothpaste and mouthwash tabs

IG @georganicsuk


GetLathered (USA)

> shampoo and conditioner bars

IG @getlathered


Last Straw (USA)   

> reusable straws, stainless steel and glass

IG @shoplaststraw


Life Without Plastic (Canada)   ** Green America Certified Business **

> stainless steel lunch boxes, thermal lunch bags

IG @lifewithoutplastic


Miw Piw (Vietnam)

> loofah kitchen scrubbers



> makers of my cute package insert cards

IG @moo


NaturaPure (Canada)

> cruelty free wool dryer balls

IG @naturapure


Nelson Naturals (Canada)

> toothpaste

IG @nelsonnaturals


No Tox Life (USA)

> dish soap bars, lip balm, face soap & more

IG @notoxlife


OLA Bamboo (USA)

> bamboo toothbrushes and toothbrush cases

IG @olabamboo


Olsen & Olsen (Canada)

> organic beeswax wraps

IG @olsenolsendesign


PATCH Strips (USA)

> biodegradable organic bamboo adhesive bandages

IG @patchstrips


Rowen Stillwater (UK)

> vegan wax wraps and UnSponges

IG @rowen.stillwater


Tangie Waste Free Products (USA)   ** Green America Certified Business **

> shampoo and conditioner bars, laundry soap paste, hand soap paste & more

IG @wastefreeproducts


Waste Less Shop (USA)

> bamboo & cotton reusable face rounds

IG @thewastelessshop