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Butterfly XL Razor - Extra Long Handle with 10 free blades

$39.00 USD

This premium safety razor is for everyone!

I've tried several different safety razors and this 'butterfly' style is my absolute favorite!  Changing the blade is so easy and so quick.  Like, 10 seconds quick.  No need to take the razor apart, just turn the bottom of the handle and the 'wings' open up.  Drop the blade in, turn the bottom of the handle back and you're done!

What makes this Albatross razor stand out is the extra long handle!  It's 4.5 inches long whereas most others are 3 to 3.5 inches.  My hands are very small and I still find this XL length far more comfortable to use than the shorter handle versions.  I like that the handle reaches farther into the palm of my hand.

Not only is it a premium razor, it looks premium and it definitely feels premium.  It's heavy in the hand - but a nice heavy that produces a really smooth shave.  It weighs 3.17oz which is about the same as an average bar of soap. 

Each razor comes with a free pack of 10 stainless steel replacement blades.   Each blade lasts 5-10 shaves depending on the density and thickness of your hair. 

Mail your used blades back to Albatross and they'll upcycle them into travel utensils! (More details on their Blade Take Back program are listed under the replacement blade product page).

Safety razors work best when used with a good lubricating shaving cream or shaving soap.  Check out the Albatross all natural, high lather shaving soap - the perfect match for this razor!


How to load the blade:  

  • Simply twist the very bottom piece of the handle and the top wings of the blade holder will open up
  • Holding a fresh blade by the short, non sharp edges, align the center holes with the blade holder and drop in place
  • Twist the bottom of the handle again to close the wings 



  • The extra long handle gives a really secure grip
  • Durable, beautiful and zero-waste
  • It will last for years and may be the last razor you ever need to buy!
  • Albatross runs a Blade Take Back program to upcycle blades (theirs and any other brand) turning them into reusable travel utensil sets 



  • Rinse all shaving residue after each use
  • Store in a dry spot to increase the life of the blades



(Razor) High polished stainless steel, (Bag) 100% hemp, (Blades) stainless steel, paper wrap and cardboard box.