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Last Straw

Reusable Straws - Aqua Blue & Clear Glass - Last Straw

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Ohhh straws!  These lovely little tools are so handy and helpful for so many reasons.  They're crucial for anyone with mobility limitations and also great for drinking without messing up your lipstick.  Not great is how the single use plastic ones are polluting this beautiful planet.

These reusable glass straws are a fantastic solution!

Made with clear and color borosilicate glass, this set of 2 straws; 1 standard straight & 1 wide bent, has you covered for your juices, cocktails and smoothies.  

Shatter resistant, BPA free, break resistant and usable with cold and hot beverages.

The bamboo travel case & cleaning brush make it easy to tuck in any bag.  

If you're out and don't have a reusable cup with you when you order a drink, being able to at least say no to a plastic straw and use your own really helps! 

Sharing is caring!  When you're out with a friend, lend that second one out to encourage them to forgo plastic!



  • 100% recyclable glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Shatter resistant
  • BPA free
  • Usable with hot and cold beverages
  • Includes an all natural bamboo travel case
  • 2 thicknesses:
• 8.5 inch straight straw (6mm diameter)
• 8.6 inch bent straw (8mm diameter)

Borosilicate glass, metal & nylon cleaning brush, bamboo travel case.