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Dragonfly Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls - White Bamboo

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Dryer balls are an eco-friendly swap for dryer sheets and have the added advantage of cutting down your dryer time by 30%-50%!

They do that by opening up pockets of air as they help toss and circulate the laundry.

Dryer balls typically last for 1,000 loads.  Replace them when you notice that they've stopped reducing static.  Depending on how much laundry you do, that could be 3 to 5 years (3 years is about 6 loads per week).  

These dryer balls are handmade from natural white bast bamboo fiber.  Bast bamboo is the long fibrous strands found between the outer bark and inner core of the stem.  It's extremely soft yet durable.  This is the natural white color of the fiber. It's not bleached. They're wonderful, light dryer balls that won't add that 'tennis ball thumping' noise in your dryer that so many other types of dryer balls do.

These are very soft and lightweight.  Each ball weighs approx 1 oz and is about the same size as a tennis ball.  

It's recommended to use 3 dryer balls per load.  The more you use, the speedier the drying time.  I've accumulated 9 dryer balls over the past few years so often toss in 4 or 5 per load just because I have them. 

Cost is for 1 dryer ball.


  • Zero waste
  • All natural materials
  • Vegan
  • Reusable
  • Long lasting
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Reduces dryer time by 30%-50%
  • Reduces static and wrinkles
  • Safe with whites, darks, delicates and even baby diapers



  • Just toss in your dryer with your wet clothes.



  • Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil directly on each dryer ball to add a gentle scent to your laundry.
  • Be sure to let the oil soak in and dry before you add the balls to your laundry;  add the drops 1 hour before *or* toss the balls in the dryer on their own for about 10 minutes before you add the laundry.



  • Dryer balls can simply be left in your dryer between uses.
  • It's recommended that you wash your dryer balls every 6-12 months.
  • It makes a great, all natural toy for your pet when you're done with it!



    100% bamboo fiber.