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Natural Ramie Bath Puff

$7.00 USD

This all natural shower puff is a great eco-friendly swap for those plastic mesh shower puffs.

Made with Boehmeria Nivea, a natural, sustainable ramie fibre known as the 'grass linen'.  It's softer and more durable than some of the other natural fibres like sisal, cambric and loofah.

It lathers well and gently exfoliates without being scratchy.

Hang to dry.  It's naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew.

When it's time to throw it out, feel good knowing that it will gently biodegrade and return to nature.


  • 100% natural and sustainable fibre
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Machine washable
  • Resistant to bacteria and mildew
  • Zero packaging


    ~ CARE:

    • Let dry between uses
    • Machine wash if desired



    Ramie and cotton string.