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me (Persis, hi!)

I live in Santa Monica with my 2 rescued greyhounds where I freelance as a visual effects producer. 

Dogs, elephants, all animals really, make my world go around.  Their happiness is my happiness.  


totally plastic free

Last summer I read that RePlanet, California’s largest recycling company, suddenly closed all 284 of it’s recycling centers.  One of the key reasons was ‘depressed pricing for scrap aluminum and plastic.’  Sadly,  the demand for recycled materials is not there.  It's still cheaper to make a shampoo bottle using virgin materials than with recycled plastic. 

That led me to reevaluate all of my plastics. Everything I put in recycling was actually going to landfill! I resolved to be part of the solution by drastically reducing my own use of single use packaging.

That started my mission to source naturally derived products that also came in eco-friendly, non plastic packaging.

Natural, organic and vegan products are readily available in Los Angeles.  However, finding brands NOT packaged in plastic was virtually impossible.  I went to high end stores like Whole Foods and Bristol Farms and eco-focused co-ops.  None had any options for basics like toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant that didn't have some plastic component in their packaging.

I did find some online products that ticked those boxes. However, they arrived shipped in separate packages, each with tons of unnecessary plastic air pillows and shrink wrap.  Lesson learned; beware of drop shipping companies (*cough* Amazon *cough*).

The GREAT news is that an exciting world of phenomenal eco-focused brands already exists and is growing rapidly.  Brands that use sustainable, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable and compostable ingredients and packaging. 

I created totally plastic free so that you can easily find these premium products in one location. When you buy them, it's with the peace of mind that they're kind to your body AND our planet. You'll also  be supporting small businesses who are successfully making positive changes.