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OLA Bamboo

Toothbrush Travel Case - OLA Bamboo

$5.50 USD $7.00 USD

These 100% bamboo toothbrush cases are the perfect travel companion for your bamboo toothbrush!

They're lightweight and have small vent holes in each end to help keep your toothbrush dry and prevent mold.

Being the real deal from nature, no two are exactly alike!   The beautiful colors and grain patterns are unique in each one. 

 *Toothbrush sold separately.



  • OLA Bamboo products are made with Moso Bamboo which is NOT a food source for pandas or any other animals
  • Moso Bamboo grows naturally at a rate of up to 4 feet per day without any pesticides or fertilizer 
  • Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and then releases 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees 
  • Bamboo needs only half as much water as regular trees
  • Bamboo has a yield 25x greater than regular trees
  • Bamboo has no genetically modified variants
  • Bamboo has the tensile strength of steel



  • 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable
  • The beautiful colors and grain patterns are unique in each one


    ~ CARE:

    • Be sure to let your toothbrush dry before storing it in the case



    100% bamboo.